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Websites To Make Your Coding Life Easier by FSherratt

Websites To Make Your Coding Life Easier

Over the years that I’ve been making websites I’ve found a fair few websites that have made my life easier. These websites vary from validation to Colour Schemes and from JavaScript beautifier to Lorem Ipsum. So I’ve decided to help you out by compiling a list of my favourite useful websites.

W3’s Markup Validation Service

You really should be using this already but if you don’t you simple enter your code, a link to your page or upload the file. It then checks it for any errors and can even generate some corrected markup for you to use.

Website Analysis

A really useful site, just enter the URL of your site and it will work out your overall rating based on social presence, views, link-back sand many other things.

Lorem Ipsum Generator

If you’re a designer you’ll probably already use this, but put simple it generates text that isn’t text to fill in the black spaces in your design.


You may already be familiar with Kuler if you use adobe programs, This is just the web-based version of the program. You enter the hex-code of your colour and it will generate some colour that will compliment this. There is also a large catalog of  user-generated  colour schemes.

JavaScript Beautifier

This does exactly what it says on the tin! Simple enter your code and it turns it into perfectly laid out JavaScript.


A really useful program, Upload your image and iConvert turns it into icon formats for all the operating systems and browsers.

@Font-Face Generator

Ever wanted to add a custom font to a website, well Font Squirrel have a lovely program for doing this. Upload your font and you can then download a folder with font formats for all browsers and operating systems as well as the code you’ll need for adding it to your site.

W3’s CSS validation Service

Just like the Markup validator, Add your CSS and it tells you all the errors you’ve made. Unfortunately you can’t get a corrected version but still an incredible useful service.

CSS compressor

This is again very useful, Add your CSS and it can not only compress to form different  amounts Low-Highest, it can organise all your styles remove unnecessary styles and semi-colons, it will also set identical properties into a single style.

Colour Wizard

Similar to Kular, but with a few more options. You can enter your colour as either Hex or RGB, it then generates a variety of option including complimentary, triad and monochromatic.

I hope these websites help you get on the way to making your websites. Although they won’t do all the work for you they should help you work quicker, more efficiently and to a higher standard.

Thank You for reading.


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