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DAB Radio by FSherratt

DAB RADIO Febuary 04 2009


DAB Radio or Digital Audio Broadcasting is definitely the future for radio as it it can transmit more data, faster and clearer than AM (Amplitude Modulation) or FM (Frequency Modulation). It also never needs to be retuned as the same frequency is broadcasted across the entire country. This means that DAB has some huge technological advantages over AM or AM. But how does it work well in this article I will be explaining how.

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Future Storage by FSherratt

FUTURE STORAGE January 25, 2009

The future of hard drives for computers in my opinion is going to SSD (Solid State Drives). These are just like the hard drives in your computer except they are made entirely of Nand Flash Ram which if your wondering is the same as you get in your Pen Drive or Ipod. But recently SSD has become more widely available and more even apple are offering it in their new macbook.
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