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Blender Particle Tutorial by FSherratt


Blender particles one of easiest but most effective ways of making things look more realistic. They are possibly the simplest thing to learn but fairly tricky to master. I recently spent a couple of weeks messing about with particles with some surprising results. In this tutorial i’ll briefly go through some of the basics of particles.

If you don’t know what particles look like or need some inspiration have a look at these or search for them on youtube.

Particles are basically just a very simple mesh with some a particle effect applied and some basic physics altered. If you don’t understand you will by the end of this article.

1. Lets start off simply create plane by selecting the menu then mesh and click on plane.


2. once you’ve done that you need to subdivide it twice.


3. then click on the button with 3 arrows and then the one on the end of the new menu.


4. It should come up with a screen like the one below


5. Now select random and even and then select the bake tab and then click bake.


6. This should create a very basic particle render.


7. Something like this should appear. This is very boring and is the most basic form of particle render. So on the bake tab select free bake (this will only appear once a completed bake has occurred). then go back to the particle system.


8. On the particle system tab change the value of Normal and Random to 1.000 and then try baking it again. To see the full change you’ll need to look at it from the side.


9. But thats still fairly boring so lets add some color. select the col button in the render section and then go to the color menu. Add a new color and click on the color next to the Col button and then change the Hex code to 5E8E9B. This should change the color turquoise.


10. This should change the particles when deselected turquoise. Now select Halo from the Render Pipeline box

11. Now change the value of Halo Size to 0.1 and select rings



12. Next we need to change the background color so select the last icon in the color tab and click the only color which is not black and change it to black and then try rendering. You should hopefully get a result like this.


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Great tutorial! one question: what about steam? I want just a bit to emerge when I press a button so that my space ships landing gear operates and in the joints I want a small amount of steam to be produced.

Any help would be fantastic!!

Comment by Samuel Benson

Sorry about the slow reply.
I’ve had a go at making steam all you need to do is add these settings to the particle generator.

That should give you steam.

Comment by Xptiger

thx for the tut.

Comment by Bluejane

your welcome

Comment by Fred101597

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