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DAB Radio by FSherratt

DAB RADIO Febuary 04 2009


DAB Radio or Digital Audio Broadcasting is definitely the future for radio as it it can transmit more data, faster and clearer than AM (Amplitude Modulation) or FM (Frequency Modulation). It also never needs to be retuned as the same frequency is broadcasted across the entire country. This means that DAB has some huge technological advantages over AM or AM. But how does it work well in this article I will be explaining how.

The main reason why DAB is so much better that Am or Fm is because of the way it is transmitted. Now this is where your GCSE physics comes in handy. AM FM and DAB are all transmitted slightly differently but are all ELECTROMAGNETIC WAVES.

Where as AM is transmitted like this.




With the Amplitude staying the same and the Frequency changing.

FM is transmitted like this.




With the Frequency staying the same and the Amplitude changing.

But DAB is transmitte like this.




With the signal being transmitted as digitally; being either on or off ,  DAB isn’t effected as much by Noise as the radio can just filter it out as shown here.




This is because if it is either on or off there are only two positions it can be so the radio can easily figure it out. The other reason why DAB is better is because it can transmit a large amount more data meaning that not only are your songs better quality but you can even see what song is playing. All of these features make DAB a much better and clearer signal making it a significant improvement from FM or AM

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