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SKYPE Febuary 01 2009


Skype is a free internet call application. It allows you to call people over the internet for free as long as they also have skype and are online at the same time as you. It also allows Video calls, Conference calls, file transfer, instant messaging and screen sharing as part of the free application. If you pay a bit you can call landline’s anywhere in the world for a small fee. People can call you on a landline and you can have voicemail. These are only some of the features incorporated into skype.


Skype Logo

The Skype Logo

Skype was co-founded by Niklas Zennstrӧm and this guy Janus Friis plus a team of software developers. Skype has experienced rapid growth since its release and was bought in september 2005 by ebay for $2.6 billion. It is now on version 3.7 for PC and 2.7 for Mac. They are also currently beta testing version 4.0 for PC and 2.8 for Mac. 

The current version of skype features voice calling, video calling if you have a web-cam and chat. These are all available for free in the standard version. If you pay you can call landlines anywhere in the world for a small fee or you can call or send SMSs to mobiles. You can also buy a phone number from skype so that anyone can call you. If thats not enough you can also pay for voicemail so that even if your not there they can leave a message. The beta version is currently trialing a screen sharing system so that you can view someone elses screen or show someone something you’ve done. 


Skype Interface


But my favorite feature of skype is the ability to have a confrence call. Usually these are used as a way of communicating with more than one person say if your on a multiplayer game it becomes a very useful way of communicating Or if you just want to talk to more than one person. Normaly when i use them they turn into 3 way chats but the fun really starts when you get a couple more people. The only problem with this is unless you have incredible broadband it tends to cut out a lot.

Well thats my view on skype but if you have a diffrent view or want to add something why not write a comment.


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