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FUTURE STORAGE January 25, 2009

The future of hard drives for computers in my opinion is going to SSD (Solid State Drives). These are just like the hard drives in your computer except they are made entirely of Nand Flash Ram which if your wondering is the same as you get in your Pen Drive or Ipod. But recently SSD has become more widely available and more even apple are offering it in their new macbook.

So what is it. Well solid state is a electrical term referring to something built of semiconductors and its a drive. It is almost exactly the same as a standard HHD (Hard Disk Drive). SSD drives will fit in a standard 1.8, 2.5 or 3.5-Inch Hard Drive slots inplace of your HDD.

A Solid State Drive

SSD has many advantages, it has no moving parts meaning that it uses less energy, its more reliable, and more importantly it is a lot faster than HDD. SSD’s also last a lot longer that HDD as a SLC (Single Layer Cell) Drives typicaly claim that if you burnt 500GB a day every day it would last 10 Years.

So why doesn’t everyone have them already. Well at the moment there still very expensive so there still generally not a viable option for most people as a 200GB drive costs about the same a basic laptop.

So if your still interested what type should you get. Well at the moment there are two different forms of SSD. SLC or Single Layer Cell and MLC or Multi Layer Cell.

So whats the difference. Well SLC are generally used in servers and for computers that run heavy usage applications. They are faster and more robust that MLC drives. MLC on the other-hand are designed for the consumer market so they are alot cheaper that SLC drives. They are less expensive and less robust but still a lot better that HHD drives.

So thats what i think the future of Hard Disks is going to be. If you liked this article or have something to add why not write a comment.

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