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Apple Netbook by Xptiger

APPLE NETBOOK January 25 2009

Apple seemed to think for a while that they weren’t going to be releasing a netbook utill they knew where the market was leading, With Jobs saying that they weren’t going to release one and the iphone was there netbook.

 apple netbook prototype

above: supposedly Apple’s netbook

the image above is supposed to be the prototype due to be unveiled at macworld sometime this year. it all looks very nice and knowing apple will all be very nice, and very expensive, but Apple are one of the few companies who could overprice there Netbook. one of the reasons that apple have been refraining from a Netbook is because they only specialize in the high end market of laptops phones and software. there cheapest laptop starting at £719.

There’s been plenty of good fake prototypes such as this one


fake apple netbook


above: fake apple netbook

and this one.

would of been nice if they'd made this tablet netbook.

above: another fake apple netbook

we’ll have to wait and see if the netbook looks anything like this one but will this ruin apples exclusivity by allowing ordinary people like you and me to be able to afford one without spending your life savings.   

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Apple products are indeed expensive. I hope they will have netbook soon that ais affordable ( I doubt it!). Are the fake apple products came from China?

Comment by Nokia 5800

it is true apple products are very expensive but they do look very nice, well most since mine’s a very old failing eMac, but they are very well made and function very well and i’m always going to be a fan of them. What did you mean by “Are the fake apple products came from China?” it doesn’t make any sense.

Comment by Xptiger

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