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Blender 2.48 by FSherratt

BLENDER 2.48 January 24, 2009

I’ve always been a big fan of the world of free software, what ever it is. Free apps for your iphone, photo editing or music creation. But what I have noticed is that there are very few free application for animation. I remember a while ago spending weeks looking for one type of software. In this article I’m going to be explaining about the brilliance of Blender.

Blender is a 3D animator that has some substantial features it is also, as you might have guessed completely free. It is almost are good as some of the high-end programs like ‘3D Max Studio’. The features are unbelievable for the price. It does most of the things you expect in any animation program like 3d animation, the ability to navigate in 3d space (moving around a 3d environment) mesh modeling (a series of triangles or squares joined together to form a shape e.g. a face) and so on. But then it can also create particle effects, water systems, cloth simulator, game engine and even a physics engine. All of these features add up to make this a superb piece of software.

The features are not the only reason why blender is such an incredible program it also has a amazing support system. This system stems from the fact that blender is so widely available. Working on all operating systems and being free means that a vast amount of people own it this meaning that there are a lot of experts out there. A vast majority of these experts post tutorials on the internet and this means that there are a lot out there, just try typing blender tutorials in on ‘youtube’, you’ll see my point. Blender also has a selection of tutorials on there site for you to view.

There is also another reason why blender in such an incredible program, because it’s licensed under the creative commons act anyone can edit it as long as they give the original author permission. This means that if you are good at coding or feel like something could be improved you can do it yourself. Then you can send them you update and them may even incorporate it in their next version. Which unlike most other programs will be free to download.

All of these reason stack up to make blender an excellent program to have. To download this program just follow this link Download Blender Here.Enjoy.

If you like this program as much as I do or want to add something more why not leave a comment.

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